Dragon's Silk Imperial Stout II

Brew DateJanuary 9, 2021
Yield5 gallons
Original Gravity (OG)1.112
Final Gravity (FG)1.032
Estimated ABV*10.5 %


Maillard Malts Specialty Grain (1 lb Flaked Barley, 0.5 lb Briess Black Malt, 0.5 lb Briess Chocolate Malt, 0.25 lb Briess Caramel 120L), 6 lbs Gold malt syrup, 6 lbs Dark malt syrup (10 min late addition), 2 lbs Golden Light DME (10 min late addition), 1 oz Nugget (60 min), 1 oz Glacier (15 min), Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast, Imperial Yeast Ale Flagship yeast


This was an extract kit from Midwest Homebrewing Supply. The recipe is available online here.

Brew Notes

Followed the recipe pretty much to the letter. Steeped grains for 20 minutes. I made a 1200 ml yeast starter on a 24 hour stir plate using the Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast and an Imperial Yeast Ale Flagship liquid yeast and a can of Fast Pitch Canned Wort. I undershot my OG a bit and came out high, but I decided to leave it as is since the last batch was near this mark and came out great.

Soaked the American oak cubes in 12 oz. of Bib and Tucker small batch bourbon, which has a strong charred vanilla flavor, for about two weeks prior to adding. Transferred to secondary (2/14/2021) after 5 weeks in primary, adding the oak cubes and bourbon into secondary using the Big Mouth Bubbler Depth Charge. The 12 oz. of bourbon should bring the overall ABV to ((volume of beer * alcohol of beer) + (volume of bourbon * alcohol of bourbon)) / total volume = (((640 fl oz * 0.105)+(12 fl oz * 0.46))/(640 fl oz + 12 fl oz)) * 100 = 11.15% ABV. Removed oak cubes from depth charge without reracking at 8 weeks (4/11/2021).

Tasting Notes