SoapLog is a public soaping log with a lye calculator and version control! I built this as a way to gain a deeper understanding of what a lye calculator computes and to record details about my own soaping experiments. If you’d like to deploy your own SoapLog you can simply fork this project to host a SoapLog on Github Pages for free.

Saponification Values

SoapLog uses the following saponification values. To reference a fat or oil in a recipe use the variable name appended with either _ounces or _grams depending on the unit of measurement. For example to add half an ounce of Sweet Almond Oil to a recipe write sweet_almond_oil_ounces: .5.

Variable Name Display Name Sap.
abyssinian_oil Abyssinian Oil 0.168
almond_butter Almond Butter 0.188
sweet_almond_oil Sweet Almond Oil 0.195
aloe_butter Aloe Butter 0.24
andiroba_oil_karaba_crabwood Andiroba Oil (karaba, crabwood) 0.188
apricot_kernal_oil Apricot Kernal Oil 0.195
argan_oil Argan Oil 0.191
avocado_oil Avocado Oil 0.186
avocado_butter Avocado Butter 0.187
babassu_oil Babassu Oil 0.245
baobab_oil Baobab Oil 0.2
beeswax Beeswax 0.094
black_cumin_seed_oil Black Cumin Seed Oil (nigella sativa) 0.195
black_current_seed_oil Black Current Seed Oil 0.19
borage_oil Borage Oil 0.19
brazil_nut_oil Brazil Nut Oil 0.19
broccoli_seed_oil Broccoli Seed Oil (Brassica Oleracea) 0.172
buriti_oil Buriti Oil 0.223
camelina_seed_oil Camelina Seed Oil 0.188
camellia_oil_tea_seed Camellia Oil (Tea Seed) 0.193
candelilla_wax Candelilla Wax 0.044
canola_oil Canola Oil 0.186
canola_oil_high_oleic Canola Oil (high oleic) 0.186
carrot_seed_oil_cold_pressed Carrot Seed Oil (cold pressed) 0.144
castor_oil Castor Oil 0.18
cherry_kernel_oil_p_avium Cherry Kernel Oil (p. avium) 0.19
cherry_kernel_oil_p_cerasus Cherry Kernel Oil (p. cerasus) 0.192
chicken_fat Chicken Fat 0.195
cocoa_butter Cocoa Butter 0.194
coconut_oil_76_deg Coconut Oil (76 deg) 0.257
coconut_oil_92_deg Coconut Oil (92 deg) 0.257
coconut_oil_fractionated Coconut Oil (fractionated) 0.325
coffee_bean_oil_green Coffee Bean Oil (green) 0.185
coffee_bean_oil_roasted Coffee Bean Oil (roasted) 0.18
cohune_oil Cohune Oil 0.205
corn_oil Corn Oil 0.192
cottonseed_oil Cottonseed Oil 0.194
cranberry_seed_oil Cranberry Seed Oil 0.19
crisco_new Crisco (new with palm) 0.193
crisco_old Crisco (old) 0.192
cupuacu_butter Cupuacu Butter 0.192
duck_fat_flesh_and_skin Duck Fat (flesh and skin) 0.194
emu_oil Emu Oil 0.19
evening_primrose_oil Evening Primrose Oil 0.19
flax_oil_linseed Flax Oil (linseed) 0.19
ghee_any_bovine Ghee (any bovine) 0.227
goose_fat Goose Fat 0.192
grapeseed_oil Grapeseed Oil 0.181
hazelnut_oil Hazelnut Oil 0.195
hemp_oil Hemp Oil 0.193
horse_oil Horse Oil 0.196
illipe_butter Illipe Butter 0.185
japan_wax Japan Wax 0.215
jatropha_oil_soapnut_seed_oil Jatropha Oil (soapnut seed oil) 0.193
jojoba_oil Jojoba Oil (Liquid Wax Ester) 0.092
karanja_oil Karanja Oil 0.183
kokum_butter Kokum Butter 0.19
kpangnan_butter Kpangnan Butter 0.191
kukui_nut_oil Kukui Nut Oil 0.189
lanolin_liquid_wax Lanolin Liquid Wax 0.106
lard_pig_tallow_manteca Lard Pig Tallow (Manteca) 0.198
laurel_fruit_oil Laurel Fruit Oil 0.198
lauric_acid Lauric Acid 0.28
linseed_oil_flax Linseed Oil (flax) 0.19
loofa_seed_oil Loofa Seed Oil (Luffa cylinderica) 0.187
macadamia_nut_butter Macadamia Nut Butter 0.188
macadamia_nut_oil Macadamia Nut Oil 0.195
mafura_butter_trichilia_emetica Mafura Butter (Trichilia emetica) 0.198
mango_seed_butter Mango Seed Butter 0.191
mango_seed_oil Mango Seed Oil 0.19
marula_oil Marula Oil 0.192
meadowfoam_oil Meadowfoam Oil 0.169
milk_fat_any_bovine Milk Fat (any bovine) 0.227
milk_thistle_oil Milk Thistle Oil 0.196
mink_oil Mink Oil 0.196
monoi_de_tahiti_oil Monoi de Tahiti Oil 0.255
moringa_oil Moringa Oil 0.192
mowrah_butter Mowrah Butter 0.194
murumuru_butter Murumuru Butter 0.275
mustard_oil Mustard Oil (kachi ghani) 0.173
myristic_acid Myristic Acid 0.247
neatsfoot_oil Neatsfoot Oil 0.18
neem_seed_oil Neem Seed Oil 0.193
nutmeg_butter Nutmeg Butter 0.1624
oat_oil Oat Oil 0.19
oleic_acid Oleic Acid 0.202
olive_oil Olive Oil 0.19
olive_oil_pomace Olive Oil (pomace) 0.188
ostrich_oil Ostrich Oil 0.1946
palm_kernel_oil Palm Kernel Oil 0.247
palm_kernel_oil_hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil Flakes (hydrogenated) 0.247
palm_oil Palm Oil 0.199
palm_stearin Palm Stearin 0.199
palmitic_acid Palmitic Acid 0.215
palmolein Palmolein 0.2
papaya_seed_oil Papaya Seed Oil (Carica papaya) 0.158
passion_fruit_seed_oil Passion Fruit Seed Oil 0.183
pataua_patawa_oil Pataua Oil (Patawa) 0.2
peach_kernel_oil Peach Kernel Oil 0.191
peanut_oil Peanut Oil 0.192
pecan_oil Pecan Oil 0.19
perilla_seed_oil Perilla Seed Oil 0.19
pine_tar Pine Tar 0.06
pistachio_oil Pistachio Oil 0.186
plum_kernel_oil Plum Kernel Oil 0.194
pomegranate_seed_oil Pomegranate Seed Oil 0.19
poppy_seed_oil Poppy Seed Oil 0.194
pracaxi_pracachy_seed_oil Pracaxi Seed Oil (Pracachy) 0.175
pumpkin_seed_oil_virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil (virgin) 0.195
rabbit_fat Rabbit Fat 0.201
rapeseed_oil_unrefined_canola Rapeseed Oil (unrefined canola) 0.175
raspberry_seed_oil Raspberry Seed Oil 0.187
red_palm_butter Red Palm Butter 0.199
rice_bran_oil_refined Rice Bran Oil (refined) 0.187
rosehip_oil Rosehip Oil 0.187
sacha_inchi_plukenetia_volubilis Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) 0.188
safflower_oil Safflower Oil 0.192
safflower_oil_high_oleic Safflower Oil (high oleic) 0.19
sal_butter Sal Butter 0.185
salmon_oil Salmon Oil 0.185
saw_palmetto_extract Saw Palmetto Extract 0.23
saw_palmetto_oil Saw Palmetto Oil 0.22
sea_buckthorn_oil_seed Sea Buckthorn Oil (seed only) 0.195
sea_buckthorn_oil_seed_berry Sea Buckthorn Oil (seed and berry) 0.183
sesame_oil Sesame Oil 0.188
shea_butter Shea Butter 0.179
shea_oil_fractionated Shea Oil (fractionated) 0.185
soapquick_conventional SoapQuick (conventional) 0.212
soapquick_organic SoapQuick (organic) 0.213
soybean_oil Soybean Oil 0.191
soybean_27_5_hydrogenated Soybean (27.5% hydrogenated) 0.191
soybean_fully_hydrogenated Soybean (fully hydrogenated) 0.192
stearic_acid Stearic Acid 0.198
sunflower_oil Sunflower Oil 0.189
sunflower_oil_high_oleic Sunflower Oil (high oleic) 0.189
tallow_bear Tallow Bear 0.1946
tallow_beef Tallow Beef 0.2
tallow_deer Tallow Deer 0.193
tallow_goat Tallow Goat 0.192
tallow_sheep Tallow Sheep 0.194
tamanu_oil_kamani Tamanu Oil (kamani) 0.208
tucuma_seed_butter Tucuma Seed Butter 0.238
ucuuba_butter Ucuuba Butter 0.205
walmart_gv_shortening Walmart GV Shortening (tallow and palm) 0.198
walnut_oil Walnut Oil 0.189
watermelon_seed_oil Watermelon Seed Oil 0.19
wheat_germ_oil Wheat Germ Oil 0.183
yangu_cape_chestnut Yangu (cape chestnut) 0.192
zapote_seed_oil Zapote Seed Oil (Aceite de Sapuyul or Mamey) 0.188