Galaxy Soap

Galaxy Soap Galaxy Soap
Batch DateJune 9, 2016

Primary Ingredients

IngredientQuantityPercentageSaponification ValueKOH Addition (Grams)NaOH Addition (Grams)
Avocado Oil3.2 ouncesCalculating...0.186
Coconut Oil (76 deg)16 ouncesCalculating...0.257
Grapeseed Oil1.6 ouncesCalculating...0.181
Mango Seed Butter3.2 ouncesCalculating...0.191
Olive Oil8 ouncesCalculating...0.19

Distilled Water12.16 ounces
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)136.8 grams

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Special Ingredients

2 teaspoons sodium lactate, ½ tablespoon hardwood activated charcoal powder, ½ tablespoon electric bubble gum colorant, ½ tablespoon queen's purple mica, ½ tablespoon ultramarine blue pigment, ½ tablespoon pewter silver mica, and 1.48 oz. passionfruit papaya fragrance oil.


Mix the mica/pigment/colorant/charcoal powder in separate small containers with ½ tablespoon light oil such as sweet almond oil and set aside for later. Combine all oils. Add the sodium lactate to the cooled lye water mixture. Add the lye water to the oils and bring to a very light trace. Stir in fragrance oils. Divide the base mixture into four equal containers leaving a fourth of the base mixture in the original mixing bowl. Add one colorant/oil mixture prepared earlier to each portion of the base mixture, adding the charcoal to the mixing bowl portion. Add the silver colorant to the charcoal mixture and lightly swirl. Alternate pouring the the pink, blue, and purple colored portions into the mixing bowl. Pour the entire mixing bowl into the soap mold and then lightly swirl with a skewer.

Batch Notes

This is another scent that is very edible smelling. I was concerned at first that we had too much charcoal and the colors would all bleed together but after unmolding the pink and purple colors really popped against the black. The stars were created using splatters of water and titanium dioxide pigment.