Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap
Batch DateSeptember 25, 2016

Primary Ingredients

IngredientQuantityPercentageSaponification ValueKOH Addition (Grams)NaOH Addition (Grams)
Castor Oil1.92 ouncesCalculating...0.18
Coconut Oil (76 deg)10.24 ouncesCalculating...0.257
Olive Oil19.2 ouncesCalculating...0.19
Beeswax18.1 gramsCalculating...0.094

Distilled Water12.16 ounces
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)128.3 grams

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Special Ingredients

2 teaspoons sodium lactate, 1 teaspoon queen's purple mica, 1 teaspoon coarse sodium bentonite clay, .25 oz. dried lavender, 1 oz. lavender Nature's Truth brand essential oil.


Add the sodium lactate to the cooled lye water mixture. Add the lye water to the oils and bring to a very light trace. Use the stick blender to stir in the course bentonite, pigment, and lavender essential oils. Hand stir in the dried lavender. Pour the batch into a mold and let sit overnight. Cut the soap bars and let cure for 4 weeks before using.

Batch Notes

At first I thought the colorant wasn’t going to be enough to make any difference, but once the soap set it seemed to be just the right amount.

Update 12-20-2016: I made this batch again following the same recipe and it came out more purple this time. It looks like the whole batch gelled a bit more.

Update 1-30-2017: Tried this with half lavender and half lemongrass oil, but the lemongrass oil is a bit too astringent. I also tried halving the teaspoon measurement of purple mica but it was far too light.

Updated 5-27-2018: 1 teaspoon purple colorant is the right amount of colorant for this recipe. Don’t exceed .5 oz lavender, it will be too strong and potentially drying.