Modern African Black Soap

Modern African Black Soap
Batch DateJanuary 5, 2020

Primary Ingredients

IngredientQuantityPercentageSaponification ValueKOH Addition (Grams)NaOH Addition (Grams)
Beeswax0.64 ouncesCalculating...0.094
Cocoa Butter6.4 ouncesCalculating...0.194
Coconut Oil (76 deg)9.6 ouncesCalculating...0.257
Shea Butter15.36 ouncesCalculating...0.179

Distilled Water10.94 ounces
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)123.5 grams

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Special Ingredients

2 teaspoons sodium lactate, 1.5 teaspoons hardwood activated charcoal powder, 2 tablespoons Indian healing clay powder (calcium bentonite), .67 oz. sunflower fragrance oil, .53 oz. daisy chain fragrance oil


Add the sodium lactate to the cooled lye water mixture. Add the lye water to the oils and bring to a trace. Stir in fragrance oil and colorant. Pour into mold. Cut the soap bars and let cure for 4 weeks before using.

Batch Notes

This made a hard bar with a nice calming fragrance.