Pure Coconut Soap

Pure Coconut Soap
Batch DateOctober 15, 2016

Primary Ingredients

IngredientQuantityPercentageSaponification ValueKOH Addition (Grams)NaOH Addition (Grams)
Coconut Oil (76 deg)32 ouncesCalculating...0.257

Chilled Aloe Vera Juice12.16 ounces
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)132.9 grams

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Special Ingredients

12.16 oz. aloe vera juice, 1 teaspoons green chrome oxide pigment, 1 teaspoon fizzy lemonade colorant, .5 oz. spearmint essential oil, .5 oz. lemongrass essential oil.


This recipe was based off of the following recipes shared at soapqueen.com and mommypotamus.com.

Batch Notes

I combined the lye mixture and coconut oils at around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. I love the mixture of the lemongrass and spearmint, very refreshing. I use the yellow colorant to make a bright green color, but a swirl of the two colors would be nice too.